Samstag, 28. April 2012

everybody smile and it's so right...



My last two weeks.
I know it looks a little boring but my weeks had been just about studying, studying and studying. But yesterday, I have taken my last exam and now life has me back. :D Afterwards, I went to one of my favourite drugstore (hahaha, sounds funny!) and got a nail polish for free!! But there is another great thing which has happened: my dress for my graduation ceremony arrived. And i loooove it! (: I'll take another pictures of it later.. 
You can also see one picture of my boyfriend. I know you can't really see him, but I like it, though..
Have a nice weekend..mine will be awesome! xxx


  1. danke! ich hab die nikon d3100, nichts weltaufregendes :D ♥

  2. Ich liebe Instagram! Der Nagellack sieht wunderschön aus :)

  3. Bin eine neue Leserin bei dir, vielleicht magst auch bei mir mal vorbeischauen, folgen via GFC?
    LG Tina


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