Dienstag, 7. April 2015

Living in England // Studying in England

Hello everyone!
Since this is a topic international people are interested in, this post will only be in english. I hope that's fine for you.

I lived in England for almost 6 months because I had to study abroad since my university course wanted me to do so. But I also did want to go abroad anyway, and especially to England. :)
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I lived 1-2 hours away from London by train, a city called Nottingham.
Nottingham is just beautiful! I loved the people there, the city, the busses, the stores, the clubs... actually everything. This would be a city I'd like to live in the future with a little family because I think it is perfect for it. But it is also perfect for students, since the universities are great and there is a lot to do for students as well.
We were never bored, we always knew what to do and I really enjoyed the university there.

I lived in a houseshare with 4 other people and found my place on spareroom, a website I'd not recommend to students. There are better websites for students which make sure that you will have a safe home and a good landloard , since I did not.
The house was fine, it was actually pretty fine except the landlady. :D
I might write about it in a different post.
I lived next to my campus, which was pretty nice since I did not have to pay for bustickets as others had to.
However, I lived far away from the city which was a pain in the ass to be honest. :D

During my stay, I've visited a lot of cities: Cambridge, Manchester, York and London 5 times. I wish I had the chance to see more Cities, but I'm happy I got to visit some of them.
England is beautiful, especially London. If I had to chose in which city I'd love to live, it would be London.

However, England is expensive. You have to keep in mind that they do not have Euro or any other currency. The exchange rate is mostly very bad, so you really have to safe some money or get financial support when you're a student.
You could also look for a job, but in this case, you also have to get a bank account in England. A lot of my friends got bank accounts at Barclays, since you do not have to pay a fee there and the process is easier there. Because opening a bank account in England means loads of paperwork.

When it comes to language, I'm not sure if I did improve my English a lot. My housemates said I did and I sometimes had a british accent as well, but now that I'm home, I feel like I lose the ability of it a bit. However, I noticed that it is easier for me now to watch english speaking TV shows while browsing in the internet and I sometimes can not distinguish if it's english or german anymore. So I do switch languages and I also forgot a few german words. 
Sometimes it is also hard to talk in german when people ask me difficult questions about my stay in England or anything else. I have to think about getting my words in the right grammatical order. :D

I'd definitley recommend a stay in England and studying in England.
I learned a lot about people, culture and other countries since I made a lof of international friends. 
I'd always go back and study or even work there. So if you're thinking about going or moving to England, just do it! 


  1. toller post


  2. Wow ich würde so gerne mal nach London reisen ♥
    lg Lea


  3. toller bericht und schöne bilder, wie lange hast du ungefähr für die planung gebraucht? ich hab auch schon über ein auslandssemester nachgedacht :)



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